North Cup

The North Cup is a regional cup organised among the teams in the North of France and occasionally including teams from outside of France as well. The tournament is held in a lightning format, similar to the one used by AFL Europe for it’s events. There is an equivalent ‘South Cup’ for teams based in the south of France.

The first Coupe du Nord took place in 2016 during the 2015/2016 season.

2019/2020No event held
2018/2019Amsterdam Devils Cergy-Pontoise Coyotes
2017/2018No event held
2016/2017Paris CocksCergy-Pontoise Coyotes
2015/2016Paris CocksCergy-Pontoise Coyotes


PlayerTeamOfficial Games PlayedGoalsBehinds
Michael COWANParis Cockerels300
Pierre ERRAAntony Blues300
Pierre BOSCARTParis Cockerels300
Karl ROBSONParis Cockatoos300
Cameron WOODSParis Cocks200
Andrew UNSWORTHAntony Blues200
François DANIELAntony Blues200
Steven TROLLOPEParis Cocks200
Mathieu DELMASParis Cockerels200
Alexandre DULCHAINParis Cockerels200
Ben SIMPSONParis Cocks100
Julien DAGOISParis Cockatoos100
Baudoin GERMONDParis Cocks100
Jean ROSADOParis Cocks100
Pauline CLEMENTParis Cockerelles100
Tom CAZENAVEParis Cocks100
Clément BOUCHETParis Cocks100
Ruben HAALEBOSParis Cocks100
Tim WHITEHEADParis Cocks100
Fiona CRESPINParis Cockerelles100
Hugo REAParis Cocks100
Arnaud UZABIAGAParis Cocks100
Delphine OUVRARDFrench Women’s North100
Anne PILLEParis Cockerelles100
Stuart SAAREParis Cocks100
François PONGEParis Cocks100
Asher WOODWARDParis Cocks100
Kevin TSEAmsterdam Devils100
Maxime MARGUERITTEParis Cocks100
Roy VERKUIJLENAmsterdam Devils100
William JOHNSTONEAmsterdam Devils100
Mark JONESAmsterdam Devils100
Scott MARTINAmsterdam Devils100
Yasin ALKANAmsterdam Devils100
Michael STEWARTAmsterdam Devils100
Luke KEESMAATAmsterdam Devils100
Tyson VITALEAmsterdam Devils100
Daniel BLECHYNDENParis Cocks100
Bas VAN SCHIEAmsterdam Devils100
Catherine GILESParis Cocks100
Richard BENSONAmsterdam Devils100
Adam WILSONAmsterdam Devils100
Angus MACKINTOSHAmsterdam Devils100
Nicolaas KROONEAmsterdam Devils100
Romain COLOMERAmsterdam Devils100
Arnaud DELEURMEBrittany Griffons100
Andrew MOOREParis Cocks100
Coline DUQUETFrance Gauloises (F)100
Hervé DESJARDINAntony Blues100
Huw RYANParis Cocks100
Thomas AZEMARDMontpellier Firesharks100
Sean BARKERParis Cocks100
Luck GENTILBrittany Griffons100
Conor BARTLEYParis Cockatoos100
Bérengère PORTALParis Cocks100