13th December 2014

Steven Ryan (coach), Maxence Launais (captain), Pierre Boscart, Baudouin Germond , Stuart Saare, Paul Arnephy, Mark Arnephy, Andrew Moore, Julian Assoleil, Thomas Hedley, Nico Roberts, Julian Dagois, Etienne Descours, Tristan Stanley and Andrew Unsworth.


Played in: Strasburg

FINAL SCORE: Strasburg Kangaroos 3-7-25 Paris Cockerels 17-23-125

Best Cockerels:  A Moore, P Boscart, M Arnephy and G Baudouin

The famous Christmas markets of Strasburg awaited the Cockerals on this winter voyage into the opposition territory.  But it wasn’t the lights or Christmas markets that the players had on their mind.  A chilly destiny awaited on the football field.

An inspection of the field revealed some slippery and sticky conditions on the surface.  No water was holding on the surface but we could guess that navigation could get potentially difficult if any rain eventuated.  Wide wings on the field also promised the players plenty of room to benefit a running style of play.

Foreboding skies threatened from above before the center bounce in the first quarter.  Temperatures were better than expected.  The cocks got out to a strong start with Stanley dominating in the ruck early.  Moore and Dagois were effective from the start in clearing the ball into the attacking half of the ground.  A 15 player side could have been more difficult in such cold conditions but the rotations seemed to work well with everyone putting in big efforts in order to be rested with rotations from the bench.  Bushy came into the game and continued the cocks dominance in the ruck contest,  he worked hard to create and put a big smile on the coaches face when he ran hard to position himself front and square of a Boscart marking contest.  Great on-ball pressure on all parts of the ground made life difficult for Strasburg to open a lot of effective play.  This pressure translated onto the scoreboard at the end of quarter 1 as Cocks took the lead 6-6-42 to Strasburg 1-1-7.

The rain soon commenced and didn’t make things easier for both teams involved in the game.  Strasburg seemed to find a footing in the second quarter as some plays down the field opened up for them.  If it’s one thing we take from Saturday’s game it’s the fact that we could have been more consistent with our accountability both in the midfield and in defense.  We have to concentrate to get this right for 4 complete quarters of the game.  A lack of talk on a couple of occasions meant that Strasburg players found themselves free and were able to make an impact on the game.  We’ll need 9 players on the field showing leadership by talking to each other and making sure loose players are picked up.

The Moore (Sevo) show continued as Strasburg seemed unwilling to tag this around the ground threat.  Sevo was able to exploit the terrain and show us how to find space in key moments of the game.  Mark was making an effect wherever he was on the ground as Strasburg started to play an extra player in their defence.

The cocks were showing some nice composure in the wet conditions, linking up well with hand balls instead of rushing kicks.  Headley and Descours came into the forward line and were able to make contributions to the game.  A lovely centering kick from Descours found it’s target right in front of goals whilst Thomas was able to take a couple of valuable marks and make an impression on the ground level scrapping his way through heavy traffic to record his first Goal in AFL football.

Meanwhile Boscart was steadily coming into the game, some nice leads and a stream of impressive marks meant that the cocks could take advantage of a forward force.  Equally impressive was the conversion rate for Pierre.  This is a guy who carries a great attitude into this game and is constantly improving with Skill and confidence.

Congrats to all the Cocks who took part in this game, everyone contributed which is the most important thing.  Congrats especially to Sevo, Mark A, Stuart and Thomas who played their first regular season game with the cocks.  We hope it’s not the last for Sevo as he departs back to Australia next week, but we wish him all the best either way.



Date Temps Ligue Saison
décembre 13, 2014 15:00 Championnat de France 2014/2015


Strasbourg Kangourous73725
Paris Cockerels421723125


Stade Hautepierre
Rue Baden Powell, 67200 Strasbourg, France