Players: Launais (C), Boscart, Headley, Dagois, Saare, Frossard, Stanley, Ryan, Barbaria, Senkans, Unsworth, Calvert, Germond, Roberts, Aussoleil

Best: Calvert, Saare, Dagois, Headley, Roberts

Score: Paris Cockerels 163 Toulouse Hawks 34

5.7        37        3.2 20
11.13   79        3.3 21
17.18 120        4.4 28
23.25 163        5.4 34

Firstly a big thankyou to all the volunteers who put such a huge effort into making everything happen on the weekend.  From the players who boundary umpired to the ones who made sandwiches.  A big thanks to you all.  It’s you guys that make this club a true pleasure!

The cocks got off to a decent start in the first quarter but were unlucky missing the first 3 shots on goal. It was the Hawks who drew first blood. The Cocks reply was immediate though with Stueys rucking efforts in the middle, evident from the opening whistle.  Midfielders Dagois and Jules combined well with a high work rate to keep the on ball pressure up against the hawks. Quick rotations in the centre and some great handballing and sheaparding meant that the Cocks could keep a decent advantage at quarter time.

The scoreboard pressure built in the second quarter as Boscart and Headley combined beautifully down forward.  We proved just how important it is to keep the field open in front of the mark when A textbook kick from The captain Launais on the right wing found Senko on a blistering lead out of the forward line.  Swadda came into the centre and was in brilliant form whilst Calvert continued to rack up the touches, helping to put the game out of reach for the tired hawks at half time.

The coaches message at half time was fairly simple keep up the hard, accountable football for 4 quarters. The Cocks responded with the tired hawks suffering in the centre against a more cohesive and fit unit in the Cocks.  A classic example of how not talking (coach himself) can lead to disastrous circumstances when he ended up practically taking out his own player and allowing Toulouse to register their first goal since the first quarter.

Stanley decided that he’d put a mark on the game in the 4th quarter and if he couldn’t do it with the left foot then he surely could with the right.  Calvert continued to provide run, linking with Dagois, Roberts and Jules as the goals rained down.  In the end a very convincing win for the Cockerels against a clearly undermanned Toulouse Hawks side.

Coach Steven Ryan



Date Temps Ligue Saison
février 28, 2015 15:00 Championnat de France 2014/2015


Paris Cockerels37791201632325163
Toulouse Hawks202128345434


Plaine de Jeux Polygone - Rugby 3
Plaine de Jeux Polygone, Bois de Vincennces, 75012, France