Coqs: Launais (c), Boscart, Hedley, Calvert, Saare, Delmas, Barbaria, Stanley, Dony, Aussoleil, Unsworth, Germond, Bezard, Atkin, Basset

Cergy: W. Leysen, T. Azemard

A dry field and wide goals promised a fast and high scoring affair at the Cergy home ground.  Conditions were cold and cloudy but it looked like the rain was going to hold. Cergy Captain Herve won the coin toss but elected to kick up hill in the first quarter which suited the Coqs aspirations to mount scoreboard pressure early.

From the first bounce

From the first bounce the rucking and communication in the center was working well for Saare as he managed to find Calvert in the tap. But there was no easy clearances as the Cergy opposition kept piling on the defensive pressure, a trait that would characterize our opposition for the day.  The Coqs managed to get the ball down the attacking end so that Boscart and Hedley could put 2 goals each through in the first quarter.  Cergy through a lot of determination were able to slot home a couple too. At the end of the 1st quarter it was 5.5 35 to 2.2 14.

The second quarter

was another solid dual with Basset, Delmas, Stanley and Unsworth all running through the center.  The ruck taps seemed to be going our way but still Cergy kept up the pressure so not to allow effective disposal into the attacking half. The Coqs racked up 9 scoring shots on goal to the Cergy 2 but failed we failed to convert our opportunities with 3 goals and 6 points to end the quarter 8.11 59 to 3.3 21.  Nevertheless it was some fine defensive work by the backline further bolstered by the inclusion of Dony to keep the Cergy team relatively unrewarded.

Quarter 3

Quarter 3 and some disciplinary cracks started to appear for Cergy which cost them dearly.  Leyson and Azemard continued to work hard for the Cergy team and putting thier bodies on the line. The Coqs achieved their best defensive quarter thanks to some hard work by all defenders only conceding 1 point to Cergy whilst we kicked 7.5 at the other end.

The final quarter

The final quarter began well for the Coqs with an early 4th Boscart goal and a lovely snap from Captain Max in the goal of the day.  Azemard was able to lay an impressive tackle on Max and kick a resulting goal from the free kick which announced the start of the Cergy resurgence.  The center clearances started drying up and some defensive mistakes cost the Coqs as Cergy were able to convert a couple of quick goals.  A very supportive and vocal Cergy crowd got behind the local team, sensing the change in momentum.  The Coqs talking and accountability broke down, in the back line especially. Despite a couple of changes, we made yet more poor defensive mistakes and didn’t commit ourselves to the ball. A tired opposition was able to kick a 6 goal 2 point quarter to our 3 goals 1 point.  Quite a disappointing finish for the Coqs but the job done nonetheless Paris 18.17.125 to Cergy 9.6.60.
Throughout the game we were not able to execute solid skills around the ground. The kick-mark game aimed at keeping possession and moving the ball from one end of the ground to the other did not appear often, if at all.  Sometimes when we committed ourselves to the ball it was only 50%, we didn’t put our head over it, stuck a leg out at it, or run past it all together.  The linking handballs did not appear as in our previous game as the talking died off around the ground.
For most of the time the center ruck taps were being won convincingly but effective clearing kicks to our attacking half were not numerous.  Perhaps we were missing some run off our back line?
We flirted with some experiments regarding people playing new positions around the game. I think this is an important way to develop peoples games and unlock hidden potential.  We’ll continue to do this but more so when the scoreboard is on our side.
Well done Coqs, a dogged fight and you got the job done.  Hold your heads up and be hungry to improve.

Best: Calvert, Boscart, Saare, Stanley Basset

Coach Scallop


Date Temps Ligue Saison
mars 21, 2015 15:00 Championnat de France 2014/2015


Cergy-Pontoise Coyotes142122609660
Paris Cockerels35591061251817125


Stade Municipale Pontoise
24 Avenue de Verdun, 95300 Pontoise, France