Players: Pierre Boscart, Thomas Hedley, Daniel Stephens, Franky Daniels, Tristan Stanley, Mark Arnephy, Julien Aussoleil, Steven Ryan, Nicholas Roberts, Clement Bouchet, Matthieu Delmas, Baudoin Germond, Guillaume VdM

Best: Ryan, Hedley, Stanley, Boscart, Arnephy

Parc Des Sports Le Grande Motte 18th April.

It was a far from ideal preparation leading into the game versus Montpellier.  Swadda had fallen ill the night before and was a late scratching for the team. The cocks would have to do the job with 14 players.
The referee failed to show for the game and no boundary markings meant that we would play the game on a rectangular ground.  Both teams had to sacrifice players to umpire the game and there were no goal or boundary umpires either.  It was awkward circumstances but the game commenced in earnest.
Montpellier was out of the blocks early with some smart play out of the centre. They took the early lead.  It was clear that it was going to be a tough day in the middle.

Paris worked their way back into the game with the twin towers of Boscart and Hedley prominent in the forward. The match was a dogfight with Paris never able to kick clear of Montpellier.  Montpellier were able to find space very easily and their midfield were constantly making us pay the price for it. The edge for the cocks it seems was disposal into the forward 25m zone.  Boscart and Hedley were presenting themselves all over the attacking half and our skills were such that we could deliver the ball to them.

Montpellier inversely were generally bombing the ball into their attacking 25m and some strong overhead marking from Ryan and Aussoleil meant that we were able to clear a lot of the balls directly out again.
In the 4th quarter a lack of fitness started to tell for the cocks who were further hampered by the injury of Roberts.  Montpellier were able to get back in the game and take a 2 point lead before Hedley burst through traffic to kick an inspirational goal and put the cocks back in front.
The Cocks showed a lot of fight to play out the game and take the points in the end. Montpellier will feel unlucky that they did not take advantage of some opportunities during the game.  This team is a strong apponent and they will be tough to get past come finals.

The Cocks have work to do. The fitness needs to lift for us all if we want to go further.  We have changed the dynamics of the side especially in the middle with the amount of players we have rotated through this season.  Our aim will be to find a steady formula come finals.

Coach Scallop


Date Temps Ligue Saison
avril 11, 2015 15:00 Championnat de France 2014/2015


Montpellier Firesharks82
Paris Cockerels90