Cocks: M. Launais (c), P. Boscart, B. Germond, J. Dagois, H. Ryan, C. Bouchet, A. Unsworth, S. Chauvin, X. Rolland, F. Daniels, S. Ryan, M. Arnephy, M. Delmas, C. Dony
Perpignan: H. Atkins, A. Bezard, W. Leyson

Sat 16th May, Stade Daniel Ambert PIA

Paris Cockerels weren’t the only thing to blow into town on Saturday for the clash vs Perpignan. 80km winds greeted both teams and because the goal posts had broken in the main stadium, the game took place on the training pitch.  Atkins, Bezaud and Leyson were motivated to get in the action volunteering to play on the Perpignan side which had been reduced to 7 players.  I thank you Gentlemen for coming all that way  down south to play with the opposition.

The Cocks opened the game with some real fight in the middle, it was clear that it was going to be a hard day for the inexperienced and under manned Perpignan side. Chauvin got into the game early and showed a real physicality in the forward line putting a smile on the coaches face after some great sheaparding.  Launais hit the score board with some master class kicking in front of goals. Considering the conditions it was impressive to see him slot 3 straight goals at distance. A great start from the captain. Most of the other goals came from running play as the Paris team moved the ball from player to player finding space against their opponents. These type of running goals would dominate the scoring for the Cocks throughout the game. 10 goals in total for the Cocks in the first quarter with Perpignan yet to score.

A similar story held for the 2nd quarter with Huw Ryan prominent in the centre changing with Bushy who kept a steady work rate all game.  A formidable team of onballers in Arnephy, Dagois, Bouchet and Daniels were working hard to fight the conditions and hit targets with their disposals. Again, running scoring shots dominated the quarter. Perpignan were able to get their hands on the ball in the middle and a rushed clearing kick sailed down the ground to register the first goal for the southerners.  Another 9 goals to Paris for the quarter.

The third quarter was a curious affair with the ball spending most of the quarter in our attacking pocket on the dead side of the ground.  Perpignon players were able to find space on several occasions and succeeded in holding the play up. It was the only quarter with more points than goals.  Pierre put another goal on the score card and Xav chipped in with his first ever goal late in the quarter. 3 goals to Paris with the home side scoreless.

The message was to get the ball into the hands of Boscart at 3 quarter time. The midfield and back line didn’t let us down there. Boscart racked up another 4 goals for the quarter (8 for the day) with some more strong leads from deep in the forward line. A tired Perpignan placed Will Leyson into the middle who showed courageous fight until the final siren. Will was even rewarded with a goal from another clearing kick in the centre. 11 goals for Paris in the final quarter to the single for Perpignan.

Thanks to the Perpignan football club for the warm welcome down there.  It has been a real struggle for the team this season to find the players and a regular formula.  We sure hope that this club sticks around in the national competition and goes from strength to strength next season. Bon chance les gars!

Perpignan 2.2.14 to Paris 31.18.204

Best: Dagois, Arnephy, H. Ryan, Boscart, Bouchet

Coach Scallop


Date Temps Ligue Saison
mai 16, 2015 15:00 Championnat de France 2014/2015


Perpignan Tigers2214
Paris Cockerels3118204