Paris Cockerels v Paris Cockatos

The Cocks were greeted with perfect conditions at Vincennes for the first ever official Paris derby, and also the first match of the newly formed Pars Cockatoos! The match was moved to 13h00 due to the rugby final later that afternoon. The morning fog had cleared, a slight breeze didn’t really favour either end and it was great to see plenty of Cockerelles on hand to support!

The first quarter was a real arm wrestle as both teams were not giving an inch to their opposition. The Cockatoos midfield started to grab the ascendancy but were unable to capitalise on the opportunities. It wasn’t until late in the quarter that the first goal would be posted, a beautiful snap from Cockerels coach Scollop against the run of play. The Toos managed an immediate reply, a long range goal by the opposing coach Swadda.

Quarter time 1-2-8 v 1-5-11.

Second quarter saw the Cockerels starting to gel and move the ball well, however the Cockatoos were continually damaging around the stoppages with Stu feeding the midfield. Both defences were holding on and repelling any attacks coming their way. The close contest was only separated by a late Toos goal to give them the ascendancy.

Half time 3-5-23 v 4-9-33

The all important third quarter started as the two previous with a tight and physical game continuing with play being repelled by the defences, led strongly by Huw for the Rels and Gino for the Toos. Unfortunately, an injury halted the game as the two coaches clashed and left Stevo with a suspected broken rib. After the restart, both teams started to find more space. The Toos moved to ball with confidence and were now taking their opportunities in attack. A 5 goal quarter opened up a 22 point lead at the final break.

Three quarter time 6-7-43 v 9-11-65

The teams were battered and bruised heading into the last quarter with wounded soldiers on both benches. An early goal to the Toos looked as though it would secure them victory, but the Cockerels were not done yet. With Boscart and Bushy starting to take control of the midfield and Huw constantly delivering the ball deep in attack, they were ticking the scoreboard over. The constant barrage of shots on goals had the Toos on the back foot. They included 2 shots that hit the post and the eventual 2 goals and 7 points scored left the Cockerels lamenting missed opportunities and the Cockatoos thrilled to have won the first Paris Derby!

Final Score 8-14-62 v 10-11-71

Best: Cockerels – P Arnephy, H Ryan, P Boscart
Cockatoos – S Saare, C Bouchet, Y Barbaria, A Unsworth
Goals: Cockerels – P Boscart 2, S Ryan 2, P Arnephy 2, M Lunais 2
Cockatoos – A Senkans 3, A Unsworth 3, K Robson, C Bouchet, S Saare, Y Barbaria

Coach Swadda


Date Temps Ligue Saison
octobre 31, 2015 13:00 Championnat de France 2015/2016


Paris Cockerels823436281462
Paris Cockatoos11336571101171


Plaine de Jeux Polygone - Rugby 1
Plaine de Jeux Polygone, Bois de Vincennces, 75012, France