The game was not sure to take place as scheduled but with much uncertainty lingering, 9 Cockatoos boarded the train to Bordeaux. Two players from Toulouse (Julien Gil, Emilien Martinez) volunteered to reinforce the Cockatoos team that had 4 players withdraw the morning of the match. The Cockatoos were boosted by Senko taking the field despite a damaged foot and Gil from Toulouse, making us 10 players. Emilien from Toulouse was kind enough to be our emergency if there was to be an injury.

The weather was perfect for footy, a cool day with beatiful blue skies and the field was in great condition with just a touch of dew to soften the ground. Unfortunately, the players were not in such great condition after a sleepless night and their emotions drained. The Bordeaux players and fans were very welcoming. Quite a crowd had developed and after a minutes silence, the game was underway.

The match couldn’t have started any better for the Toos, a textbook tap from Tristo to Swadda on the run resulted in a long goal just 10 seconds into the crucial encounter. Tristo continued his ruck dominance feeding the Toos midfield but the Bordeaux players were determined to close down space and launch their own attacks. A physical and bruising encounter continued with teams exchanging goals to finish the quarter all tied up.

Quarter time 3-3-21 v 3-3-21

Another bruising quarter followed with Toos winning the center clearances but the Bombers enjoying more success around the boundary stoppages. The Senko, Robson and Azemard were presenting well and the defence was being well led by Jose Aitken and Gil. Some smart and energetic play from Bordeaux had them running in numbers and keeping in touch on the scoreboard. Bouchet suffered from a heavy clash and Will laid a fantastic smother right on the siren but left him limited with one arm!

Half time 5-7-37 v 6-7-43

The all important third quarter was where the Toos really switched on. Playing closer to their opponent, forcing one on one contests all over the ground, the Toos closed up the Bombers space and used the ball well themselves to take control on the scoreboard. The defence was holding strong with Simon, Jose and Gil all taking strong marks to repel any attack. Azemard and Bouchet added goals that belonged on the highlight reel while Swadda took a strong mark and goaded from the top of the square to ram home the advantage. The main problem for the Toos, the mounting injury toll with Robson suffering from a head nock in a vicious tackle and Gil all coming off the ground with an ankle injury.

Three quarter time 6-10-46 v 11-12-78

While holding on to a strong lead, the depleted Toos knew the Bombers were coming in the last quarter as they always do! Emilien came on to replace Gil, and boy did the Toos need him! Robson was still hazy after his heavy knock, Swadda and Triso were cramping up and Azemard, Will and Bouchet were battered and bruised hoping for just a minute of bench time. Sure enough the last quarter opened up, and while still physical, the tired legs meant there was more space on offer. Bordeaux ruckman was inspirational and played a key role in most of the 6 goals that were piled on. Thankfully, Emilien took some crucial marks sweeping across half back, so the Toos were able to slow the game down with the ball and kick 3 of their own to secure a memorable 8 point win.

Coach Swadda

Full time 12-12-84 v 14-14-92


Best: C Bouchet, A Unsworth, T Stanley, W Leysen, H Aitken

Goals: A Unsworth 5, A Senkans 2, K Robson 2, C Bouchet 2, T Azemard, W Leysen,J Gil 


Date Temps Ligue Saison
novembre 14, 2015 15:00 Championnat de France 2015/2016


Bordeaux Bombers21374685121385
Paris Cockatoos21437892141492

Bordeaux Bombers

Goals Behinds


Parc Saint-Medard-en-Jalles
39C Chemin de Cantelaude, 33160 Saint-Médard-en-Jalles, France