Backs to the Wall

The cockerels backs were against the wall going into this vital game against Bordeaux at Parc Vincennes. 2 losses from the first 2 games meant that the season was on the line for the mighty cocks.  Fair weather treated both teams for the game day with the sun low on the horizon at the first bounce.  A slight breeze favoured the Bordeaux side in the first quarter.  The Cocks were immediately put under pressure with the ball down in the Bordeaux attacking zone.  Several minor scores registered for the Bordeaux side who were unable to capitalize on some early opportunities.  Pierre Boscart was making an immediate impression with his overhead marking in the center of the ground and linked well with Bushy down at full forward taking a contested mark to put the Cockerels on the board.  The pressure ratcheted up in the center with first gamer Michael Cowan  and Mathieu Delmas subbing in to force the Bordeaux errors.  It was this characteristic pressure from the cockerels midfield that would prove crucial on the day not allowing Bordeaux to dispose effectively into their attacking half.

Bordeaux’s defense was looking strong with players able to find space in the defensive transition, but Amine Round and Foxy Mac proved up to the task in the backline with some handy contests.  Inversely Bordeaux struggled to man up on their own defensive transition and some nice kicking from the defense and midfield found Bushy down in the forward line growing with each mark.  The Boscart-Cowan partnership started to take it’s effect with Michael really finding space around the stopages.  These clearances were really starting to pay a heavy toll for the visitors who continued to allow space in their defensive half.  Everyone knew that Bordeaux wasn’t going to lay over. In true form the visitors kicked back late in the 3rd quarter with successive goals however the Cockerels showed some heart to stem the flow and make it to 3 quarter time with a handy lead.

Some heartening football followed in the last quarter with Xav finding space to boot a team inspiring goal.  We’ll remember the resulting celebration for some time to come.  Adrien was also getting in the game booting his 2nd goal and showing his commitment towards the club “no U-Turn” policy, running the wrong way through the midfield.  Bleschy and Maxence continued to tackle and dive on the ball like men possessed, putting their  bodies on the line for the team.

In the end a really encouraging victory for a team hungry to get back on the winners board.  The midfield contributions were key to the outcome of the game.  The pressure here on Bordeaux was the telling factor.  Great to see Morgan pulling on the boots to play his first game and Jacques was a welcome sight down in the back line for the tired legs there.  Everyone was able to make an impact on the game which will lift the hopes of this team.  Well done Les Gars congratulations on the win.


Players: P. Boscart (c), M. Launais (vc), S. Ryan, Amine. R, D. ‘Foxy’ McInerney, Jacques R., M. Delmas, J. Frossart, D. Blechynden, M. Cowan, B. Germond, X. Rolland, A. Marty, M.Holon


Best: M. Cowan, P. Boscart, B. Germond, D. Blechynden, M. Launais


Date Temps Ligue Saison
décembre 5, 2015 15:00 Championnat de France 2015/2016


Paris Cockerels131290
Bordeaux Bombers40

Bordeaux Bombers

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Stade Pershing - Terrain d'honneur
Route Bosquet Mortemart, 75012 Paris, France