Paris Cockerels vs Alfa LIons

20th February 2016 – Lyon 15h00 – Parc de Parilly

Players: P. Boscart (c), H. Ryan (vc), P. Arnephy, S. Ryan (coach), M. Cowan, A. Moore, A. Ramdani, D. Mcinerney, J. Frossart, D. Blechynden, C. Woods, M. Delmas, B. Germond, P.Erra

The match, originally scheduled for November the 14th 2015 was not meant to be due to the Paris Attacks the night before.  Lyon had shown great solidarity in allowing the match to be re-scheduled to this date and missing the leadership Captiain Thibaut, it was not never going to be an easy task.  It was a must win situation for both teams with finals aspirations.

The Parisians were looking formidable with an almost full strength list, further bolstered by Andrew (Sevo) Moore who travelled from Geneva to play.  The team managed to make it to the ground with ample time for preparation thanks to some slick organizing from the team manager.

The wind in the first quarter favoured the Cockerels whose tackling pressure quickly put the home side on the defensive.  It was a battle of the French ruck titans in the center with Boscart and Thomas from Lyon going head to head.  Boscart was receiving the support he needed from a midfield group oozing with talent with Arnephy, Cowan, P. Erra, Sevo and Blechynden all rotating through frequently.  Frossart had to substitute out of the game in the first quarter due to a back problem so the workload was shared between the remaining midfielders.  As the scoreboard pressure mounted so did the confidence of the visitors.  The kick-in for Lyon was proving a weak point for them with many a kick turning over to a score for the Cockerels.  Such was the pressure and intent from the visitors that Lyon wasn’t getting much of a sniff.


Lyon           1       0      6

Cockerels    7       3       45


First gamer Benoit for Lyon was showing a lot of heart for the home side as the spectators arrived to watch the battle in Parc Parilly.  He was proving dangerous when given space but a tight backline with the Ryans, Foxy and Amine was up to the challenge returning the ball into attack.  Lyon was able to hit back with the wind in the 2nd quarter with 2 quick goals in succession and equal the visitors efforts.


Lyon           3       2      20

Cockerels    9      10      64


Cowan was showing characteristic pose on the ball with an uncanny knack of finding his way out of traffic.  Meanwhile Cam Woods was turning back the years with some stunning pace out of both the back and forward line.  The kicking into the forward line was proving a real problem for Lyon with Bushy once again growing in confidence with each mark.  It was a big day for Bushy in the forward line which could have been bigger perhaps?  He’ll rue the missed opportunities that came with kicking 6 goals and 5 points but be back hungrier next game no doubt.


Lyon            3       3       21

Cockerels    15    17     107


If he wasn’t battling the ruck in the center he was providing a leading option in the forward line or tackling furiously.  Such was the effect of Boscart who never rotated out of the ruck all game and went from strength to strength kicking 4 goals 1 point in a Best on Ground effort.  The visitors came home strong against the wind but again failed to capitalize on several opportunities.  In the end a really encouraging result for the Parisians who seemed to link up well and dispose effectively around the ground.


Lyon             3        3    21

Cockerels    18     23    131


Best: P. Boscart, P. Arnephy, S. Ryan, B. Germond, H. Ryan


Date Temps Ligue Saison
février 20, 2016 15:00 Championnat de France 2015/2016


ALFA Lions62021213321
Paris Cockerels45641071311823131

ALFA Lions

# Joueur Goals Behinds
Thomas DEPONDT00


Parc de Parilly
385 Avenue Charles de Gaulle, 69200 Vénissieux, France