Cockatoos vs Toulouse

The new look two’s date with destiny in Toulouse was the match the fans had been waiting for.  Unfortunately it wasn’t to be for the mighty Cockatoos who fought until the end.  Andrew Unsworth tells the story.


Players: C. Bouchet (c), A. Swadda (coach), S. Trollope, S. Glinec, W. Leyson, S. Saare, N. Searles, G. Paron, K. Robson, T. Azemard, C. Dony, S. Chauvin, J. Sardin, J. Dagois


A sunny 14 degrees greeted the cockatoos, a welcomed change from the last few weeks! A couple of guys took the long road, overnight bus, and a couple on the early train, while the majority of players took a scenic tour of Toulouse… A critical encounter awaited, with 2 finals aspirants ready to slog it out after months of preparation.


Trollope nearly gave the Toos the perfect start as he hit a leading Swadda laces out, only to have the set shot hanging out to the right. Toos had plenty of the ball early but failed to take advantage of a slight breeze by missing some gettable shots. The back line help up strongly with Dony nullifying Hedley and Nick was cleaning up and repelling the Hawks attack.

Quarter time 2-5-17 v 1-4-10


Second quarter saw some positional changes, and despite the breeze, the Toos started moving the ball quicker and more direct. Our captain Bouchet was again leading by example, tackling everyone in sight. Robson was starting to make his mark on the game by providing a lead up option and kicking a memorable long bomb. Toulouse, however, were hurting the Toos on the rebound and were able to create their trademark overlap run and maintain their ascendancy.

Half time 5-11-41 v 3-9-27


The premiership quarter saw a fired up Toos take control of the contest, by being hard at the ball and moving it quickly. The midfield of Stu, Bouchet and Trollope were imposing and the forward line of Nick, Jeremy and Swadda was ticking the scoreboard over. A left foot scissor kick by Swadda on the run and a textbook Bouchet set shot saw the Toos hit the front late in the quarter only to have the Hawks steal it back with 2 critical goals in the final minute.

Three quarter time 9-12-66 v 8-11-59


The Toos had plenty of momentum leading into the final stanza but it was going to be tough against the breeze after a long taxing day. Toulouse were starting to win the ball in the middle but the pressure of the Toos was winning the ball back. A few minutes into the quarter and Swadda was lined up and flattened by a Hawk and was seeing stars. Umpire Thomas brought out the yellow card and the Hawks were down to 8 players. This seemed to spark a level of desperation in the Toulouse players and panic within the Toos camp. The teams were going goal for goal but the clock was against the visiting team.

Full Time 14-15-99 v 11-13-79


A tough loss, one that could’ve really gone either way, will remain in the Toos minds. Some missed opportunities, some undisciplined acts and inexperience were costly. The new team will learn from the experience and come out hungry in two weeks time against a red hot Cergy.

Best: C Bouchet, N Searles, S Saare, S Trollope

Goals: N Searles 4, A Unsworth 3, S Trollope 2, K Robson, C Bouchet


Date Temps Ligue Saison
février 20, 2016 15:00 Championnat de France 2015/2016


Toulouse Hawks17416699141599
Paris Cockatoos10275979111379

Toulouse Hawks

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