14 Cockerels travelled to Lyon on 8 February to battle the ALFA Lions. Both Ahilen and Flav were playing their first game for the club. Spirits were high seeing the sun in the sky though a three goal wind would make things interesting. Lyon won the toss and kicked with the wind. As a precursor to the rest of the game, the defence held up strongly in the first quarter despite the Lions pressing with the wind. Rob playing fullback was fighting in a different weight division to a hungry hippo but more than holding his own. Notwithstanding the team was down at quarter time. The Cocks failed to use the wind to its best advantage in the second quarter. A few reasons contributed to this. Of note, the Lions were getting first use of the ball, and were often first to the ball both in and around the contest and around the ground, including their defenders pressing high up the field. Added to this injuries were starting to take a toll with each of Alex, Lewis and Nathan ‘Steamy’ Brosnahan affected with the first two unable to return to the field. The Cocks were down by three goals at half time. To counter the wind in the third quarter a defensive set up was adopted, however, a combination of the wind and the Lions’ extra numbers were telling as they took a commanding lead at three quarter time. The Cocks’ injury woes continued with Rob suffering what turned out to be a broken hand but he battled on. To the team’s credit we fought to the final bell and won the last quarter eventually going down 78-51. Tom snagged four goals and for a while in the last quarter there was a faint sniff of an unlikely victory. Ahilen and Flav were both solid contributors in their first game, including spending considerable time in the midfield as the magnets were being thrown around. Julien continued to be a stand-out in defence and while pinch hitting in the midfield. Pierre ‘Kermit’ Boscart was starved of opportunities at full forward. The team has all the ingredients to be successful but we need to work on some key aspects, including midfield connection and communication. Best wishes to those injured in this game. Allez les Cocks, let’s regroup and win the next one!


Date Temps Ligue Saison
février 8, 2020 15:00 Championnat de France 2019/2020


ALFA Lions78
Paris Cockerels8351


Parc de Parilly
385 Avenue Charles de Gaulle, 69200 Vénissieux, France