Match Report by Karl ROBSON

The Cockatoos met the Bordeaux Bombers at Stade la Grenouillere in Antony for round 7 of the 2018/2019 French Championship. Fielding a full team, the Cockatoos looked strong on paper, the challenge would be to convert that onto the field.

Bolstered by the return of star forward Ned MORRISON for his second match of the season and with the words of coach Steven TROLLOPE and captain Clement BOUCHET, the Cockatoos flew out of the blocks to open up a commanding lead at quarter time. Bordeaux fought back in the second quarter starting to bring the margin back to a more manageable level, but a string of goals from MORRISON and Jan WISNIEWSKI, well supported by midfielder Asher WOODWARD’s impressive scoreboard impact from the midfield saw the lead balloon out again in the 3rd breaking the spirit of the visiting Bombers, leading to a couple of physical clashes.

A very impressive display by the Cockatoos heading into a challenging away match in Toulouse though with some room for improvement when it comes to accuracy in front of goal. A big thankyou to everyone who came down to support and to the Bordeaux Bombers who showed plenty of fight in face of tough opposition.

Go Cocks!


Date Temps Ligue Saison
avril 13, 2019 14:30 Championnat de France 2018/2019


Paris Cockatoos4156881301719121
Bordeaux Bombers32232466946

Paris Cockatoos

# Joueur Goals Behinds Kicks Handballs Disposals Marks
4Ned MORRISON600000
5Sean BARKER000000
6Conor BARTLEY100000
7Tristan STANLEY000000
9Julien DAGOIS100000
10Jean ROSADO000000
13Will LEYSEN100000
14Clément DONY000000
17Clément BOUCHET000000
24Asher WOODWARD400000
27Bruno DOUCET000000
30Karl ROBSON000000
31Jan WISNIEWSKI400000
36Ruben HAALEBOS000000

Bordeaux Bombers

# Joueur Goals Behinds Kicks Handballs Disposals Marks
Bastian VIAUT000000
3Johann LOUARN000000
5Najib BOUZLAF000000
7Cyril DEBET000000
8Benoit TREUILLET000000
10Jeremy GUICHAOUA000000
11Samuel RAT000000
12Benoît MACAUD000000
15Valentin MENDOZA000000
22Raphael FERRARA000000
33Florent ROPAGNOL000000
78Benoît BEZIADE000000
87Matthieu TULLET000000
14Vincent MONNIER000000


Stade La Grenouillère
148 Avenue du Général de Gaulle, 92160 Antony, France