Cocks: M. Launais (c), P. Boscart, J. Calvert, J. Dagois, H. Ryan, C. Bouchet, M. Arnephy, A. Unsworth, C. Dony, N. Roberts, G. Paron, T. Stanley, T. Hedley, S. Ryan, B. Germond

Best: Calvert, Dagois, Boscart, Arnephy, H. Ryan

It’s been called by some as the most devastating display of football ever seen in the national competition.  Whatever your opinion, those players can be proud of the brand of football they delivered that day.  It can only be good news for French football.  Everyone to play in the future will now play catch up to the challenge that this team has laid down.

The first minutes of the game passed as an equal affair before the dam gates opened up for the Cockerels.  The centre « defensive pressure cooker » in Dagois, Bouchet, Arnephy and Calvert meant that the Montpellier players could do little that was effective with the ball.  Tackling came from the forward line too with the relentless captain Max intent on making his birthday a memorable one.  Montpellier were held goalless in the first quarter Cock blitz.

Montpellier proved why they were in the grand final and kicked back early in the second with consecutive goals.    Paris had answers though, so the opposition were unable to peg back any of the lead.

Huw « FedEx » Ryan was getting into the game out of defense with his clearance kicking showing why he has the best delivery in this competition.

Bushy decided that he wasn’t going to lay low either with two thumping left foot kicks scoring majors and lifting team spirit to higher ground.

If Boscart wasn’t causing enough problems for the opposition then Swadda thought he would enter the fray, quietly racking up a menacing 6 goals for the game.

Jakey’s « almost » hanger of the year was a teasing finish to this young mans day at the office in the 4th quarter, earning him best on ground.

A 27 goals 16 point scoreboard at the end of the game is the most accurate scoring effort for the year at this club and further illustrates the determination of the group.

The composure with the ball and delivery of the ball into the forward line meant that our leading targets could inflict maximum damage.  Boscart had a total of 10 set shots on goal.  7 of those shots yielded goals in a 9 goal haul for the day.

I asked for defensive pressure at the start of the game and got it in abundance. If Paris players didn’t have the ball then they sure weren’t making it easy for the opposition. This selfless style of play has characterized the club and is something we can all aspire to.

A big thanks to the volunteers who made this grand final event happen.  Without you we have no club.

Congratulations to the Cockerelles who fought fearlessly against a bigger and more skilled London Demons side.  May it inspire you guys to continue to improve.

Well done to Montpellier on a very successful season. Without a doubt you guys are the toughest side we’ve played this season and deserving finalists.  We sure hope to see you guys moving from strength to strength in the near future.

I’d like to thank the CNFA for putting in all the work to ensure a really successful footy season.  I hope that all clubs can come back next season, hungry to be better, faster and stronger.

Merci à tous.

Coach Scallop



Date Temps Ligue Saison
juin 27, 2015 15:00 Championnat de France - Finals 2014/2015


Paris Cockerels2716178
Montpellier Firesharks9862


Plaine de Jeux Polygone - Rugby 3
Plaine de Jeux Polygone, Bois de Vincennces, 75012, France