Cockerels vs Cockatoos Semi Final

Park Vincennes 11-June-2016

Cockerels: P. Boscart (c), H. Ryan (vc), M. Launais, M. Delmas, P. Arnephy, A. Ramdani, D. McInnery, D. Blechynden, N. Roberts, B. Germond, A. Dulchain, A. Moore, S. Ryan, G. VD Morzadec

Cockatoos: C. Bouchet (c), S. Trollope, A. Unsworth, T. Stanley, G. Mouchard, Y. Barbaria, W. Leyson, J. Raiwalui, K. Robson, S. Chauvin, C. Dony, N. Searles, S. Glinec, F. Daniels

Threatening skies greeted both teams to Park Vincennes on a historic day for the Paris Cocks football club with it’s 2 mens teams facing off against each other in a CNFA Semi Final with a place in the Grand Final up for grabs.  The previous derby had been a bruising affair in October with the Cockatoos coming away victors by 9 points.  Cockerels were hungry to make amends of this but would have to work hard in the middle vs the likes of Trollope, Bouchet, Leyson and Daniels.  The Cockerels midfield was bolstered with the inclusion of Andrew Moore but sadly, Magic Mike Cowan would be unavailable to play on the day.  Cockatoos were also missing some key players but everyone was buoyed with the inclusion of Jacob Raiwalui for his first AFL Game.  The stage was set for a cracking derby in Park Vincennes.
The Cockatoos got away to a flyer with Trollope instantly getting in the mix.  A couple of lovely kicks from the backline had Nick Searles lining up to kick true for the first goal of the match.  It didn’t take long for the cockerels to reply with Scallop taking a mark in unfamiliar territory up forward to hit back on the scoreboard.  The Cockerels were quick to lose Arnephy on ball with a rib injury early in the first.  This had him relegated to the forward line.  Blechynden and Germond had big shoes to fill to step up into the midfield.  The intent and drive was certainly present for the Cockatoos.  They were linking up well with the handpass around stopages and capitalizing on some lack of communication in the Cockerels camp.  “Sevo” Moore was putting a mountain of work in the center but he was under attack from Trollop and Leyson who were continuing to find space.  It was a dog fight with the Cockerels putting their nose barely ahead at the quarter time siren.

Cockerels 3 3 21

Cockatoos 3 2 20

The tight football continued into the second quarter with Raiwalui getting into the action in the center.  A fascinating battle there ensued between the experience of Boscart and the athleticism of Raiwalui.  The heavens opened up during the quarter as the tackling continued unabated from each team.  Some cracks were starting to appear for the Cockerels with some inconsistent efforts and lack of communication around the stopages.  Dulchain and Arnephy were keeping the Cockerels in touch but the Cockatoos were finding a lot of space on the rebound in the back line.  Stanley, Dony and Robson were linking up really well with the midfield and clearing the ball out of defence.  An extremely tight fight at the half time siren as both teams gathered under the driving rain.

Cockerels 7 5 47

Cockatoos 7 4 46

Cockatoos came out firing early in the third with the Cockerels allowing too much space to their midfield opponenents.  Trollope and Leyson were able to link up well to push the ball down into the attacking zone.  Huw Ryan was fighting a brave fight in the defence for the Cockerels but couldn’t catch a break as several balls bounced past him to leave Nick Searles goalside with the ball.  Searles was proving to be pivotal for the Toos as he made the best of the one on one contests.  Cockerels were failing to get numbers back onto the ball and to help Huw out in defence.  It cost them dearly.  Scallop repositioned himself around into the defence but it was to the cost of the attack as the Toos found themselves loose in defense and able to transition too easily back into attack.  Delmas and Launais were applying plenty of pressure through the middle but an early string of goals to the Toos meant that they could smell blood.  The Cockerels were digging deep but couldn’t seem to find the contributors out on the ground.  They say that the third quarter is the “premiership quarter” and it was certainly looking that way as the weather started to clear and the third quarter siren sounded in Vincennes.  Some gutsy hard footy had got the Toos in a commanding position.

Cockerels 10 6 66

Cockatoos 13 4 82

The tenacious Moore and the selfless Arnephy were doing their best to inspire the Cockerels back into the game.  A fantastic mark by Arnephy deep in the forward line was stemming the artery flow as the lack in match fitness started to show for the Cockerels.  The Toos were continually getting numbers to the ball and hitting targets around the ground.  Bouchet and Trollope were unrelenting and Raiwalui was continuing to have an effect on the game.  Dony and Gino were putting in solid performances out of the back line and putting constant pressure on the Cockerels defense with the rebound ball.  Despite the best efforts of a tiring Blechynden and Germond, the damage had been done.  The Cockatoos had played a much more complete brand of football to come out comfortable victors at the final siren.

Cockerels 13 8 86

Cockatoos 18 5 113

It was the last home game in Paris for the season and all the players would like to sincerely thank the efforts of all the volunteers that have made all of our game days such an enjoyable experience.  Without the efforts of these people our game just wouldn’t be nearly the same here in Paris.  We owe a lot to the Cockerelles and to Fanny Maillot who have been instrumental in preparing these game day events.
Congratulations to the Cockatoos team who were clearly the better team on the day.  Your brand of football certainly is testament to the hard work you have put in on the training track all season.  We can’t wait to see you represent our great club on grand final day in Bordeaux next weekend.


Date Temps Ligue Saison
juin 11, 2016 15:00 Championnat de France - Finals 2015/2016


Paris Cockerels21476686121486
Paris Cockatoos2046821131711113


Stade Pershing - Terrain d'honneur
Route Bosquet Mortemart, 75012 Paris, France