Paris Cockerels vs Bordeaux Bombers

Parc Vincennes, Stade Pershing rugby ground 1. 30th May.

Cocks: M. Launais (c), P. Boscart, B. Germond, H. Atkin, S. Saare, J. Dagois, C. Dony, Y. Barbaria, H. Ryan, F. Daniel, C. Bouchet, M. Delmas, N. Roberts, K. Robson, W. Leysen
Bordeaux: A. Ramdani, S. Chauvin

9.6.60        1.0.6
15.15.105    1.0.6
21.21.147   1.1.7
29.27.201  1.2.8

Ladies day at the Cocks pen and the weather certainly didn’t disappoint. The late ground change to Pershing failed to stop an enthusiastic group of spectators who came out in great numbers to support our boys.  At the first bounce of the game Bouchet sustained a nasty gouge to his eye and had to come off to get treatment.  A textbook front and square goal from Atkins deep in the fwd line opened up the Cocks account in a convincing style.  Bordeaux were able to reply quickly at the other end of the ground for their first and only goal of the day.  The centre combination of Dagois, Saare, Daniels and Germond worked hard to soon gain the ascendency around the middle of the ground. Effective ruck taps hit our Midfielders as they burst through centre traffic to deliver to forward targets.  Robson and Leyson looked dangerous in front of goals, both registering a major for the quarter.

The backline delivered a flawless 2nd quarter not allowing Bordeaux a single scoring shot.  The work rate and coordination there by H.Ryan Dony Gino and Roberts ensured it was a tough day at the office for the Bordeaux team.  Meanwhile Amine and Simon really worked their way into the game.  Amine was able to get loose on several occasions and clear kicks into the Bordeaux attacking zone.  A courageous effort from our 2 cocks on loan.  The familiar faces kept piling on scoreboard pressure. 2 for Leyson in the quarter with some great instinctive kicking out of congested passages of play.  Bouchet, not satisfied with only 1 minute of game time came back into the middle.

The 3rd quarter was the Boscart show with the big man adding 4 majors to the board, 2 from set shots.  His efforts included the play of the day pass to a very clever lead from Dony out of defence.  The kick around the corner from the outside of the ground was weighted perfectly for Clem who stuck the mark and converted the goal to applause from the crowd.

Maxence took ownership of the attack in the 4th quarter and led out for a great mark and goal conversion. A quality tap from Saare found Delmas forward of the rucking contest. A front and square Dagois received the cheeky hands from Delmas at pace and ran through unchecked to kick another memorable goal for the day.

Best: Dagois, Boscart, Saare, Robson, Daniel

Thanks to Bordeaux for making the long trek up to Paris and giving it a crack.  It’s never an easy journey.  We sure hope that your playing group can bounce back from a bad run of injuries to fair better in next years competition.  Good luck with the recruiting and we hope to see you all in the near future.

A great team effort by all on the day really shows the depth of ability within this club.  I estimate between 7-9 of the goals scored were from set shots. The delivery skills have improved but will be put to the test against finals teams where we can expect a lot more onball pressure.  Dagois was a stand out for me and reafirms his position as one of the best Midfielders in this country.  His tackling pressure and commitment to the ball was constantly breaking the game wide open.  Keep up the work Dags.

It’s obviously going to be really tough to take positions for the next two games ahead.  I encourage absolutely everyone to get down to training and help each other prepare for our next games.  We need to chanel all this positive energy into a lot of hard work on the training track.

A big thankyou to our volunteers for making The Cocks Ladies day what it was.  Big mention to Sista, Fanny, Swadda and Berenge who put a lot of time and energy into making the event happen.  Be sure to get all your friends and family to get down to Vincennes on the 13th for the huge game against Cergy.  We could sure use the support, we all know how determined this opponent can be.

Coach Scallop