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Paris Cockerels vs Toulouse Hawks

Cockerels vs Toulouse

Parc Vincennes 7th May 2016

Players: M. Launais (c), B. Germond, M. Cowan, B. Simpson, A. Ramdani, P. Erra, J. Frossard, L. Burgess, C. Woods, A. Moore, E. Descours, S. Ryan, D. Blechynden

Warm and dry conditions prevailed as the Cockerels played hosts to the unbeaten Toulouse Hawks.  It was great to see some spectators and support from around the club turn out on the day to give voice and color.  Congratulations to Luke Burgess who joined the ranks as a Cockerel with his first game this day.

It was a hot ball from the first bounce with the import Andrew « Sevo » Moore getting right amongst the action supported by Cowan and Bushy in the ruck.  Toulouse were taking it right up to the home side early and were able to get 2 on 1 for an easy first goal to the game.  The Cocks were quick to respond though answering at the other end.  The sapping conditions were really making it hard for both teams and Paris lacked the finish on their hand balling which meant that several opportunities went begging.  Pierre Erra was coming from the bench and Putin in a huge work rare around the ground. It’s been interesting to watch Pierre develop so quickly to be one of  the Cocks most impressive « inside » players.  We would see plenty more of him today.  At the end of the first quarter it was an even affair on the new « you beaut Swadda » scoreboard.


2 5 17 Paris Cockerels

2 1 13 Toulouse Hawks

The mercurial Benny « Jedi » Simpson made a much welcome entrance into the game in the second quarter lifting the engine of the midfield considerably.  All watched in awe as he plucked loose balls from the ground as if it was a magicians trick.  The handballs through the middle started to find targets. Toulouse were hampered by an injury early in the game and struggled to keep up with the ball movement in the energy sapping conditions.  The cocks got plenty of ball in the forward line but were unable to take clean marks and effect set shots on goal.

Half Time

5 13 43

2 2 14

Amine was making some huge contributions across the center of the ground with several great spoils, second efforts and some marks under pressure.  The lack of Toulouse numbers flooding back to the forward line meant that the Paris defense was able to mop up and clear the ball back out.  Some solid midfield pressure meant that Paris was able to  post an insurmountable score at three quarter time.

Cam Woods was turning back the clock and kicked an incredible goal from the pocket on an angle that must have had him kissing the boundary line.  Slightly ironic as the rest of us seem to be missing them from everywhere else!


9 19 73

2 4 16

Cowan and Bushy were working hard until the end. Blechy was able to get into the game and make an impression whilst first Gamer Luke Burgess playing in the attack was able to draw a key Toulouse defender out of the forward zone whilst kicking a couple of nice goals too.

The Cockerels will be buoyed by the result but wary that this Toulouse team will be bolstered considerably come the finals by players who are injured or who were otherwise unavailable for this game.  The forward structure will need to improve a great deal considering the number of behinds kicked. The cocks could be kicking themselves out of a semi final if a similar performance was to occur?  We’ll also need to work on disposal around the ground and in particular into the forward line where we didn’t give or key marking options much of a chance.

A great improvement over the season after losing their first two games. A strong 5 game winning run looks to have secured a second place finish on the ladder and a home final.

Final Score

14 23 107  Paris Cockerels

3 5 23   Toulouse Hawks


Paris Cockerels vs Perpignan Tigers

Paris Cockerels vs Perpignan Tigers

12th March 2016 – Paris Parc Vincennes


Players: P. Boscart (c), H. Ryan (vc), P. Arnephy, M. Cowan, D. Blechynden, A. Ramdani, X. Rolland, J. Frossart, S. Ryan, M. Delmas, P. Erra, B. Germond, B. Simpson, C. Woods

Perpignan: K. Robson, A. Marty


Postcard perfect conditions greeted both teams at Parc Vincennes on gameday. The sun embraced all including a rather rowdy university games that was being held at the same time on the various other fields at Stade Polygone.  That didn’t detract from the main event which was an undermanned Perpignan entering the Paris Cockerels couldron.


Un temps de carte postale accueillît les deux équipes au Parc de Vincennes en ce jour de match et le soleil baignait le chahut des étudiants qui organisaient une journée sportive sur les autres terrains du Polygone. Cela ne distraya pas de l’évènement principal, à savoir la réception d’une équipe de Perpignan en sous-effectif dans le chaudron des Paris Cockerels.


With the breeze, Boscart got the cocks off to the perfect start with a tap going forward to a blazing Arnephy who turned and kicked deadly through the big sticks.  It wasn’t long until Bushy got in the game with the very next center clearance going in his direction.  The young man was certainly out to make a point with 4 goals in the first quarter.


Aidés par le vent, Pierre Boscart mit les Cocks dans le sens de la marche avec une déviation vers l’avant pour un Paul Arnephy tout feu tout flammes qui pivota et expédia un premier tir entre les perches avec une précision diabolique. Il ne fallut pas longtemps à Baudouin “Bushy” Germond pour rentrer dans le match, le dégagement suivant se retrouvant à sa portée. Ce dernier tint à imprimer sa marque, plantant 4 buts dans ce premier quart temps.


Perpignan were fighting hard but the home side was utilizing the hand ball effectively out of congested areas and finding space.  Unharassed possession around the mid field meant the Paris could kick effectively to the hot spot in the forward line.  Despite the defensive efforts of Perpignan Bushy, Arnephy and Boscart were able to mark and continue to mount scoreboard pressure.


Perpignan se battit valeureusement mais leurs hôtes utilisèrent le jeu à la main avec efficacité pour sortir le ballon des regroupements et trouver l’espace.  Un manque de pressing au milieu de terrain permit à Paris de tirer efficacement dans le “hot-spot” de sa ligne d’attaque. Malgré les efforts défensifs de Perpignan, Bushy, Arnephy et Boscart purent prendre les marks et alourdir le score.


Ben Simpson came on for his first run with the cockerels and was instantly breaking out of the contested areas. A neat handball 1-2 from Xavier provided the caviar for Simpson kicking his first goal for the cocks.


Ben Simpson fit ses premiers pas sous la tunique des Cockerels et prit instantanément les espaces pour sortir des regroupements. Xavier lui offrit un caviar à la suite d’un une-deux très propre, permettant ainsi à Simpson de marquer son premier but sous ses nouvelles couleurs.


Pierre Erra was mounting some serious tackling pressure around the ground and not giving the visitors a sniff. He was supported by a tenacious Blechynden and the class of Magic Mike Cowan who continued to move the ball to the advantage of Paris.


Par ses gros plaquages, Pierre Erra mit une pression terrible tout autour du terrain, ne laissant pas une bouffée d’air à ses adversaires. Il pût bénéficier du soutien d’un tenace Blechynden et de la classe de Magic Mike Cowan qui contribuèrent à accroître la possession de balle des parisiens.


Amine effected a brilliant chase down on Karl Robson to smother a kick on goal and keep Perpignan without score.  We rarely see the smother in the CNFA and it certainly impressed the coach.  He followed it up soon after with another critical defensive tackle which enabled the Cocks to clear the defence yet again.


Amine poursuivît sans relâche Karl Robson pour se jeter devant lui et contrer sa frappe qui prenait le chemin des buts. Un superbe “smother” comme on en voit trop rarement dans le championnat de France qui ne manqua pas d’impressionner son entraîneur. Loin de s’en contenter, il enchaîna peu après avec placage en position de dernier défenseur qui permît aux Cocks de se dégager une nouvelle fois.


Bushy was enjoying himself down in the forward line to kick a huge haul of 11 goals and just one point for the game.  He was kicking them from everywhere with a best on ground effort. Boscart was formidable again in the Ruck and on the scoreboard including two wonderful goals scored with a kick on his opposite boot.


Bushy s’éclata sur le front de l’attaque, marquant l’énorme total de 11 buts pour un seul behind. Il marqua d’un peu partout, comme pour mieux couronner sa prestation d’homme du match. Boscart fût une nouvelle fois formidable au ruck comme sur le tableau d’affichage, marquant deux merveilleux buts de son mauvais pied.


Encouraging signs for the Parisians who linked up well and disposed effectively into the forward line.  The tackling pressure was also right where it needs to be.  A big thanks to Chris Carnazza and the Perpignan boys for making the long trip up to Paris. The guys showed a lot of fight despite being outnumbered.


Les parisiens montrèrent des signes encourageants en combinant bien et en disposant efficacement du ballon dans leur ligne d’attaque. La pression défensive fût, elle aussi, à la hauteur des attentes. Un grand merci à Chris Carnazza et aux gars de Perpignan qui firent le long voyage jusqu’à Paris. Ils montrèrent un bel esprit guerrier en dépit de leur infériorité numérique.



30.18.198 Paris 1.5.11 Perpignan

Thanks also the the volunteers and umpires who continue to make game days a pleasure.


Merci également aux bénévoles et aux arbitres qui contribuent à faire des jours de match une fête.


Best: B. Germond, P. Boscart, P. Arnephy, M. Cowan, B. Simpson


Goals: B. Germond 11, P. Arnephy 6, M. Cowan 5, P. Boscart 3, D. Blechynden 2, P. Erra 1, C. Woods 1


Paris Cocks/Cergy vs Odense Lions

Paris vs Odense Lions Match Amical

Parc Vincennes – Paris
Paris Players:
F. Daniels (c), C. Dony, Y. Barbaria, H. Ryan, A. Unsworth, H. Desjardin, T. Crespin, W. Leysen, A. Senkins, P. Arnephy, D. Blechynden, L. Reibero, D. Bobet, S. Ryan (coach)
A sunny but very breezy day greeted both teams at Parc Vincennes.  The 15hour bus trip endured by the visiting Odense Lions had done little to dampen the spirits of the Danish team.  Meanwhile the Cockerels had put the call out to the Cergy Coyotes to bolster key positions in the team, due to players being unavailable.
The first quarter saw Franky Daniels Cockerels kicking with the advantage of the breeze.  It was an even affaire with both teams getting a faire share of the possession. Odense managed to open up the defenders and register the first goal of the match. The Cockerels answered back but failed to capitalize on some attacking opportunities.
Q1 Scores:
4-2-26 Cockerels
1-1-7 Odense
Odense were missing their key ruck and the dominance of Crepin in the middle was starting to show for the visitors. Paris was starting to win the majority of the possession with Leyson and Desjardin winning the ball from the center.  Meanwhile Paron, Dony and Huw Ryan were running a tight ship down in the cockerels defence.  The scoreboard was ticking over in favor of the Cocks in the second quarter against the wind.
Q2 Scores:
7-6-48 Cockerels
1-1-7 Odense
With the wind in the back the third quarter could have been a profitable one for the Cockerels but our skills let us down in front of goals registering 3 goals and 9 points for the quarter.  Ludovic from Cergy was really starting to get into the game all over the ground.  Hard to believe it was Ludo’s first ever game of AFL. We all look forward to seeing how he progresses over at the Coyotes Lair.  Senkins and Arnephy were certainly seeing a fair amount of the ball down in the forward line.  Odense countered in the middle and for some moments were finding some really nice space.  To their credit they managed to register a couple of goals  in trying circumstances.
Q3 Scores:
10-15-75 Cockerels
3-2-20 Odense
The last quarter was a real dogfight.  Casper and Morten from Odense were lifting their team along with the midfield and putting up a real fight.  Cockerels were caught unawares a couple of times on the defensive transition and scallop down at full back had to watch the ball sail over his head as Odense came home strongly.  But Swadda was able to find space several times on the switch out of cockerels defence and cause the visitors a fair bit of pain.  Leyson shrugged a tackle to kick a memorable goal whilst Crepin went coast to coast down the wing to kick a team inspiring goal.
Final Scores
15-21-111 Cockerels
7-2-44 Odense
To the Odense Lions we would like to say a big thanks for your spirit throughout the day and night. You guys are a young team and we all expect to see big things for this club as everyone grows in experience and strength together.  We’ll all be watching the DAFL with great interest and we look forward to seeing you guys again in Amsterdam.
A big thanks again to the Cergy Pontoise players who came down to play and fill in, we do really enjoy playing with you guys and we can definitely see why you guys are doing so well in the domestic competition.  Well done.
Also thanks to the volunteers who came down to support and help out on the day.
Paris Best Players:
T. Crespin, W. Leysen, H. Desjardin, L. Reibero, A. Unsworth

Paris Cockatoos vs Perpignan Tigers

Cockatoos vs Perpignan Tigers

12-Dec-2015 – 14h00 – Parc Vincennes Paris


After a fantastic start to the season with wins against Sister team Paris Cockerels and a wounding battle against Bordeaux Bombers, the Cockatoos faced off against Perpignan on home soil.  Unfortunately it wasn’t to be the Cockatoos day.  Coach/player Andrew Unsworth filed this following match report.


Great conditions once again out at Vincennes, all be it a touch chilly… as the Cockatoos awaited the arrival of an unknown opponent, a mix of Perpignan and Cergy.  Preparation was far from ideal as many players arrived late, we managed to lock ourselves out of the change rooms and our footies went missing.

Despite the relatively inexperienced line up, the Cockatoos were against a mix of players that had hardly even met each other, let alone played footy together! 4 players from Cergy, 4 from Perpignan and 1 from Barcelona.

The Tigers won the toss and kicked with the breeze, which looked like a great decision as the Tigers launched a long goal from half way. Not to be intimidated, Bouchet muscled his way through two attempted tackles and kicked a team lifting goal. The Tigers however, were taking full advantage of the breeze as Sammy, Max and Kevin for the Tigers were all able to launch long bombs to leave the Cockatoos in a panic.

Quarter time 1-3-9 v 6-5-41.


Second quarter brought a few structural changes and a more composed Cockatoos outfit were starting to control more of the play. Bouchet was strong around the contest and Tristan, Glinec and Robson were starting to get amongst the play. A couple of goals to Swadda eased some of the pressure but there was still a huge margin to overcome. Seb from Cergy came off with a suspected broken collarbone, leaving the Tigers with 8 player.  A fact that the Cockatoos failed to exploit to full benefit.

Half time 4-7-31 v 8-6-54.


Third quarter was a dangerous quarter with the Tigers having the breeze again. Cockatoos were much more accountable but still turning the ball over way too much. Time and time again kicking to contests rather than running targets. Debutant Kevin started to find his feet, winning contests in the midfield, up forward, and managing to kick his first of two goals.

Three quarter time 6-11-47 v 11-12-78.


Fourth quarter left the Cockatoos with a lot of work to do but with the help of the breeze, anything was possible. Despite dominating control of the ball and having opportunities in front of goal, Cockatoos were still struggling to convert. Misses opportunities close to goal by Swadda, Tristan, Robson, Kev and Bouchet all proving costly.

Full time 9-15-69 v 13-13-91.


Full credit to all the Tigers. Every player was desperate in defence, applying pressure and winning the ball back. The inexperienced players should really hold their heads up high for the effort around the contests, and the experienced heads moved the ball quickly to dangerous places. Cockatoos need to turn up to the next match ready, wanting the ball more than the opposition and compose themselves to choose the best option and execute their skills.


Best: C Bouchet, A Unsworth, S Glinec, T Stanley, K Smith

Goals: A Unsworth 3, K Smith 2, K Robson, C Bouchet, G Paron, S Glinec


Paris Cockerels vs Paris Cockatoos

Paris Cockerels v Paris Cockatos

The Cocks were greeted with perfect conditions at Vincennes for the first ever official Paris derby, and also the first match of the newly formed Pars Cockatoos! The match was moved to 13h00 due to the rugby final later that afternoon. The morning fog had cleared, a slight breeze didn’t really favour either end and it was great to see plenty of Cockerelles on hand to support!

The first quarter was a real arm wrestle as both teams were not giving an inch to their opposition. The Cockatoos midfield started to grab the ascendancy but were unable to capitalise on the opportunities. It wasn’t until late in the quarter that the first goal would be posted, a beautiful snap from Cockerels coach Scollop against the run of play. The Toos managed an immediate reply, a long range goal by the opposing coach Swadda.

Quarter time 1-2-8 v 1-5-11.

Second quarter saw the Cockerels starting to gel and move the ball well, however the Cockatoos were continually damaging around the stoppages with Stu feeding the midfield. Both defences were holding on and repelling any attacks coming their way. The close contest was only separated by a late Toos goal to give them the ascendancy.

Half time 3-5-23 v 4-9-33

The all important third quarter started as the two previous with a tight and physical game continuing with play being repelled by the defences, led strongly by Huw for the Rels and Gino for the Toos. Unfortunately, an injury halted the game as the two coaches clashed and left Stevo with a suspected broken rib. After the restart, both teams started to find more space. The Toos moved to ball with confidence and were now taking their opportunities in attack. A 5 goal quarter opened up a 22 point lead at the final break.

Three quarter time 6-7-43 v 9-11-65

The teams were battered and bruised heading into the last quarter with wounded soldiers on both benches. An early goal to the Toos looked as though it would secure them victory, but the Cockerels were not done yet. With Boscart and Bushy starting to take control of the midfield and Huw constantly delivering the ball deep in attack, they were ticking the scoreboard over. The constant barrage of shots on goals had the Toos on the back foot. They included 2 shots that hit the post and the eventual 2 goals and 7 points scored left the Cockerels lamenting missed opportunities and the Cockatoos thrilled to have won the first Paris Derby!

Final Score 8-14-62 v 10-11-71

Best: Cockerels – P Arnephy, H Ryan, P Boscart
Cockatoos – S Saare, C Bouchet, Y Barbaria, A Unsworth
Goals: Cockerels – P Boscart 2, S Ryan 2, P Arnephy 2, M Lunais 2
Cockatoos – A Senkans 3, A Unsworth 3, K Robson, C Bouchet, S Saare, Y Barbaria

Coach Swadda


Paris Cockerels vs Cergy-Pontoise Coyotes

Ce 24 février 2013, l’équipe des Paris Cockerels rencontrera les Coyotes de Cergy afin de préparer la reprise de saison.

Le match aura lieu à 10h30 et se trouvera à Vincennes.

Pour vous y rendre Métro Château de Vincennes L1 et bus 112 trois stations 🙂


Paris Cockerels – Bordeaux Bombers

2010/2011 Championnat de France – Rd 1 – Paris Cockerels 97-61 Bombers Bordeaux – 16/10/2010

Posted by Paris Cocks Footy on Monday, October 18, 2010